Alcohol and Drug Counselling

  • Inspire

Alcohol and Drug Counselling is provided by Inspire in one to one sessions.

Inspire Integrated Substance Misuse Service offer a wide range of support for anyone worried about their own or somebody else’s substance/alcohol use. We offer advice and guidance to individuals and family members through rapid, open access assessment leading to support and treatment.

Self referrals can be made online, by post or by telephoning Inspire directly on 01254 495 382

Please note that our GPs are not involved directly in drug dependence management and it is our policy for GPs do not provide prescriptions relating to drug dependence. Inspire provide this service from local surgeries.

  • Pennine Care Drug and Alcohol service

Rochdale Borough Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Support Services is free to anyone 18 and over who lives in the Rochdale area and has problems with alcohol or drug misuse, or is worried about a family member or friend.
The first point of contact for all services is Renaissance whose workers will assess and direct individuals to the service that is most appropriate to their needs.
Renaissance (Drug & Alcohol Outreach Team)

Renaissance House, 72 Drake Street, Rochdale OL16 1PA

Call: 01706 924 883

The Renaissance team are the single point of contact for people (18 and over) living in Rochdale borough, who need support with issues associated with drugs and alcohol. They work with a wide variety of organisations to support individuals and communities coping with the effects and influence of drug and alcohol misuse.
They also offer advice and information to people who are indirectly affected by substance misuse. This could be concerned others, family or professionals working with a client.