Non-NHS Services

There are a number of common requests made of the practice that are not a part of our NHS service to you.

    • Examples of this are requests for private sick notes (for sick leave under 7 days), holiday cancellation insurance forms, life insurance medical forms, private medical examinations for employment or occupational health etc.
    • Usually these requests can be accommodated for you, but it should be noted that there is a charge for non-NHS services. It should also be noted that these requests cannot be handled within NHS clinical time and also that medical care of patients will always take precedence over such requests. As such it may take a few days for forms to be completed.
    • We will let you know of the fee prior to completing any such private forms. Before handing private medical report forms into reception for the attention of your doctor, please ensure that you have signed the appropriate consent for information to be disclosed and also that you have completed all parts of the insurance paperwork aimed at the patient. It must be clear which medical condition the forms relate to.